Weekly Tip: Selling the Invisible

This is why inexperienced buyers are so dangerous in the buying process and why financially motivated buyers are risky for their companies. They do not have the context for evaluating the pitfalls of poor choices.

Source: mbr89954.infusionsoft.com

This is the challenge for #events – inexperienced people who are just cycling through on their way to greater things – buying high touch events for their most important customers.

You can scream quality all you want – and we all do – but the three concepts Tom presents will probably do more for you. To me the most important – and the most difficult, is #2 which takes the high road past FUD and poisoning the well.

  1. Define “good” versus  “great.” Inexperienced buyers still have a general understanding of good versus bad when considering vendors. Their purchasing rubric has been defined to aid in that. What is missing is the rubric of good versus great. That comes with experience. Scare the buyers with the risks of bad choices, but also present what great choices offer.