How Patagonia Uses Storytelling

People come into the brand through the product but it takes them a long time to learn about what the company stands for. Once they do, they’re hooked on the brand forever. So as a marketing team, the task is very simple, and that’s to make it easy for people to discover what the company is all about, and make sure it’s not hidden and tough to access. Because once they do know, they’re in. They’re with us.

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So full disclosure. I have been a Patagonia freak for the past 25 years. Their stuff looks good and lasts forever. And there is always something new one has to have. So, what’s not to like?

It is also true that Patagonia is a relentless selling machine. A constant stream of catalogs (pity the trees,) web offers and their spectacular stores all provide the impetuis to buy, buy, buy.

Balancing their pursuit of retail domination is the mission and the magic. The conscience and the spirit that sets Patagonia apart. This article, based on a Fast Company interview withPatagonia’s Vice President of Global Marketing Joy Howard, does a great job of describing what it is, how it works and why it works for Patagonia and its customers. Howard says that Patagonia has adjusted overall brand strategy to focus the company’s efforts on fewer ideas having a bigger impact.

We want to use our stories as a way to provoke other people to not only take action but to inspire others to act as well..