The Invisible Sale for Ad Agency New Business

Tom Martin has written a helpful guide-book on social selling, it’s called The Invisible Sale: How to build a digitally powered marketing and sales system to better prospect, qualify and close leads. This is a great read for agency owners trying to replace their ineffective, interruptive tactics such as cold calling and email blasts with a more effective inbound marketing strategy.

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If Michael Gass is recommending it – and he is – then it’s worth looking at. Cold calling is pretty much history – it happens but I don’t think you can count on it. There is too much positive about the effectiveness of email to do anything but improve your program… or start it.


But the in-bound thing and the youtility mentality are to me the future. I went to a seminar the other day where the speaker said “It’s never been harder to get the first job.” This can help.