The Weekly Jolt! 09.04.2013

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend – I know, hard to even remember and that was two days ago. Yikes!

Clearly you need The Jolt!

Oh. If you’re new to The Jolt!, welcome. This is my list of top articles from the pages of ck Curates, the e-zine for crazy, busy event people.


The Top 10 Principles of Highly Persuasive Messaging is from Michael Cannon of the Silver Bullet Group in the Bay Area (I love the name!).  It’s a little on the dry side but it offers any number of usable ideas. As for why read it, consider this little nugget that Michael offers up:

“In the IDG Connect Report (2011): “86% of buyers say content is neither useful, relevant, nor aligned with needs of people in the buying decision.”



Wireframe Tools For Event Web Design appeared in Website Magazine. As I have mentioned previously, there is a lot of great ‘how-to, tools and tips’ information out there and it seems to make sense to aggregate it under the ck Curates Content tab. Please let me know if you agree.

Wireframes offer a powerful way to focus your thinking and develop your ideas quickly, at low cost. Many wireframe tools are designed for online collaboration so the whole team can play – no matter their time zone. I used Mockingbird when I redesigned ck Writes. The advantage Mockingbird provided over OmniGraffle (my standard) is that I could program all of the links to navigate the site and see what a visitor would see. And it’s a great tool for client presentation. One good list, one good article too.

“…you’ll find some of the top wire framing tools in the digital market today.”



Corporate Storytelling Lessons from Kevin Spacey. What a treat! This is excerpted from a speech Kevin made to a group of television executives in the UK. It’s a fascinating look into the Netflix hit series, House of Cards.

In the accompanying article, Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute applies Kevin’s points to corporate storytelling.

A few bites from Kevin that I jotted down to pique your interest:

  • The device is irrelevant
  • The labels are useless
  • It’s all about content, it’s all just stories
  • All we have to do is give it to them
  • … And they will engage with a passion



8 Tips for Making An Effective Event Survey. Sounds dry but it’s a fascinating interview with yours truly, Christopher Korody (!!!) written by Mitra Sorrells for BizBash. I know that it’s not like you don’t have to wade through enough of my stuff as it is – but this is actually interesting which demonstrates the contribution that an accomplished editor like Mitra can make.

We talked about the unique opportunity that events present for a company to interact with its customers, and I shared my thoughts on how to design a survey that would provide event marketing teams with the insights they need to ensure that their event remains relevant to their target audience.

“…the value of creating the event is to have dialogue with the customer. It’s not to serve good food.”



10 Social Media Facts, Figures and Statistics You Need to Know. There are very few bloggers as prolific as Jeff Bullas; none that I am aware of match him in providing endless amounts of useful content.

This is exactly what it says it is, a site-by-site rundown with information about users, growth and sometimes revenue. Many have a link to more data… Here’s one that boggled my mind.

It is predicted that in 2014, Twitter will reach $1 billion in advertising income.

You knew that right? Good thing you read The Jolt!

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