The Gap Between Big Data and Big Insights

The greatest promise about big data isn’t access to it; it’s the ability to excavate intellectual gems in a mountain of commodity information. Big data takes a personal touch. I call this the human algorithm. It’s the ability for someone with vision, intention, and ambition to find data that leads to hypotheses, testing, and intentional actions and outcomes.

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A zinger from Brian Solis at the Altimeter Group.

The premise is simple and a lesson we should all have learned many times over by now. Big Data isn’t a thing – it’s a tool. And like any tool – say a hammer or a screwdriver – it’s nothing until we create value with it.

The case study here is Univision – the Spanish language broadcast gorilla.

At Univision, the social team is realizing significant spikes in activity linked to TV shows (particularly with a moving story line and series) can have huge implications to the marketing of the show, the story-line development, and even advertiser value.

Can anybody tell me why events are any different?