Top 20 Most Shared Video Ads Of 2014

Closing in on 6 million shares, Shakira’s “La La La” World Cup video now holds the record for the most shared television ad of all time.


There is some amazing work here that is part of any discussion about going viral. Much of it is long form. A lot of it is extremely compassionate.

My favorite is #20 “Lost and Found Service” with “only” 600K+ shares. It’s by KLM and it’s about a beagle they have trained to help reunite passengers and their lost items. Dogs do well –  #4 is the Budweiser “Puppy Love” I featured at the beginning of the year that is now at 2,000,000 shares.

#7 “#Like A Girl” is a very powerful piece that reminds us how hurtful language is. .#12 “Most Shocking Second a Day” is a gut-wrencher from a group called Save Syrias Children. #14 Potty Mouth Princesses Drop F-Bombs… has a bunch of very young girls reeling off some of the harshest statistics. You won’t know whether to laugh or cry.