XBox Newsjack: PS Experience “A Nice Event”

This past weekend, it seemed all eyes were on Sony thanks to the announcement-heavy PlayStation Experience event in Las Vegas, where we learned and saw more of the PS4‘s 2015 lineup. But next year will also be a big year for Microsoft and the Xbox One, executive Phil Spencer reminds fans.

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This is a polite way for MSFT  to try and newsjack the Sony event which introduced the limited edition 20th Anniversary Edition Playstation 4.

Sony billed the PlayStation Experience as a community focused event, but clearly used it to focus a tremendous PR blitz premiering tons of titles.

PlayStation boss Scott Rohde hyped it saying:

This event that we’re gonna hold; this is pretty unprecedented. It’s an event for the fans, and I am so incredibly geeked about it. We’re gonna show you a bunch of stuff that maybe we shouldn’t show you yet.