Making Rain with Events: Learn From the Experts

Scott Ingram of Certain has brought together some of the top ideas, and best practices from a team of modern marketing experts. Learn how to create an integrated event marketing strategy where the results look like 1+1+1=10.

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No doubt about it, this is a solid book. What’s totally amazing is that the author, Scott Ingram, is not even listed as a member of the Certain executive team.

Scott comes at this from a holistic integrated marketing perspective that should be familiar to regular readers. The biggest line item in the marketing budget, the chance for content and connections, a way to align the entire organization and more.

He takes it apart in detail, supported by a very credible group of marketers whom he interviewed to produce this book. He clearly identifies with being in sales, so this offers a fresh take on the benefits of aligning sales and marketing around an event.

Event marketing is all about facilitating, easing, opening, accelerating and shortening the sales cycle. That’s it!

Given that it’s free, (and even if it wasn’t,) it’s a no-brainer if you want to talk achieving business impact with your clients.