The Weekly Jolt! 10.09.2013

Hi all. It’s been a busy week with a big proposal going out. Good to apply some Jolt! to a real world problem. There is no doubt that social and digital are changing the event-o-sphere as we once knew it at a dazzling rate of speed.

Here’s the Jolt! BTW I am trying this without pictures since they seem to get mangled – let me know what you think – or if you noticed.


What 4 things would you do if you wanted to win the America’s Cup? 

Well you could read 4 Lessons in Sales Leadership from Oracle Team USA’s America’s Cup Win

Not surprising that with the America’s Cup and Oracle World both on the front page in one week, there is a lot of press coverage – including two very different stories here. As some of you know, I am a sailor. There are few things as exciting as sailboat racing. Like a lot of forms of racing, once you get behind, it is almost impossible to catch up…which makes Oracle Team USA’s America Cup come from way behind win all the more remarkable.

This article tells the story of how Larry Ellison went about building a team to take it all. I am sure they didn’t start out according to plan. wasn’t the plan going in. Anyway, I like this as a blueprint for a strong pitch:

  1. Have a BHAG and believe you can achieve it.
  2. Get the best team your money can buy.
  3. Crack the code – understand what it takes to win.
  4. Take decisive action.


Where do you look when you need to find the perfect tool?

How about The Humongous List Of Content Marketing Tools?

There’s nothing like a good list except a longer crowd-sourced list; and this one, made in Listly, is quite extraordinary.

Today it’s got 66 entries – let’s see what it’s up to when you read it. There’s a little bit of everything here from standards like Evernote to Onalytica IRM which is said to:

Automatically flags up when your content is likely to be useful to your industry influencers based on what they are saying (publishing, tweeting, sharing) online.

The Big AHA!

Quick. Can you recite the 22 rules of storytelling?  

Did you even know there were 22 rules as opposed to 21. or the more likely 23?

Here are Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling–Visualized.

Apparently once upon a time, someone named Emma Coats, who had worked at Pixar, tweeted 22 Rules of Storytelling. And all the web saw it, and thought that it was good, and acclaimed it wildly. Then a handsome young prince named Dino Ignacio who works at EA doing UX (really, just seeing if you’re paying attention,) has illustrated each rule with a scene from a Pixar pic.

#13 Give your characters opinions. Passive/malleable might seem likable to you as you write, but it’s poison to the audience.

Please remember that the next time you write a proposal…

Metrics & ROI

Do you know why forecasts are (almost) always wrong?

The 10 Laws of Forecasting to Help Brand Leaders is an important read even if you’re not actually a brand leader.

While this article is not entirely about metrics, it does look at the role of data in supporting forecasting. What I think is more important, is that it focuses on asking the right questions – the golden rule for making effective use of data no matter what the application.

Everyone always thinks the technology will help you get better forecasts, but if you don’t think, it will just get you bad forecasts faster.

Marketing 501

Do you really want to know what Mark Hurd did at Oracle World? 

Mark Hurd, Oracle’s Master Salesman, Wants Your Business is the perfect read if you want to know the habits of ridiculously effective people.Or if you want to know what it takes to rule in the tech space.

The story comes complete with a ton of important takeaways.

1/ “Mr. Hurd sees 575 customers over three and a half days.”  Pre-loading the schedule is the new Grail. Since we are in the event business, call it the value of the personal touch. Any which way, it  is becoming an absolutely key event KPI because it directly impacts success. I’ve been hearing similar stories from other companies. The more senior the exec, the more important.

2/ It’s not about me – it’s about you. So the trick is to get them to talk about you. Turning your customer into a brand ambassador is not a new idea, but the number of opportunities to do so from pre through post is growing all the time.

References drive the industry, customers want to talk to other customers.

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