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How often do you pitch without a budget from the client?

Mitch Joel originally entitled this How Much Does It Cost? It’s a discussion about why anybody would pitch a piece of business that doesn’t have a budget… Here is my take on three of the reasons not to pitch without a budget:

1/ For sales, a budget is an essential step to qualifying the business and calibrating the response effort. Not just more is more, but perhaps also less is less…

2/ For the creatives and producers, a budget eliminates the “how deep is the ocean” part of the question. Contrary to most people’s beliefs, creatives work better within clearly defined guard rails. And no Emily, no one ever comes up with more money because they love your idea.

3/ A budget demonstrates that the client understands – or doesn’t understand – what things cost. IMO it is better to know sooner than later that the client has a grip or doesn’t.

In business, all parties should be clear on how the process will unfold, who the participants in the competition are and what the prize will be for the winner at the end.

How Much Does It Cost?


Are you burnt out on Powerpoint and Keynote?

Here are two presentation tools that each have appealing strengths and may work in specialized situations.

Swipe is a veritable Swiss Army knife that allows you to drag in most popular visual file formats and set type in Markup to assemble a seamless presentation that works in every device simultaneously. Very smart!

The marketers explain it in a phrase:

With Swipe, anything can be a slide and you can present it live to anyone, anywhere, on any device.

TNW article

Haiku Deck is available on the iTunes store. It offers a minimalist approach to create that “en vogue” Steve-style deck. But what is really interesting is that it is smart – or at least headed towards ‘smartness’ which is a step in the right direction.

The app’s main asset remains its instant picture search feature, which uses keywords in your slides to find relevant, high-quality Creative Commons images.

TNW article

The Big AHA

Is your closet filled with war stories?

If so, Worn Wear: A Film About The Stories We Wear will resonate big time. Even if you’re certain that you were born to shop, you will love how effectively Patagonia has integrated print, video and in-store events in this promotion.

The 30 minute video is a series of interviews with Patagonia owners sharing their memories of past adventures interspersed with comments from Patagonia founder and CEO Yvon Chouinard. Down home, casual and rich in context it’s a lot more compelling than you might imagine.

Particularly cool because it is extended/tied in to A Party To Celebrate What You Already Own – Patagonia’s very own anti Black Friday event. I love what it says about the brand.

Patagonia Worn Wear Campaign

Metrics and ROI

Do you ever think about Marketing ROI?

If justifying the spend has become part of your day, you need to read Rethinking Marketing ROI. It is an extraordinarily intelligent and thoughtful discussion of ROI by Jeff Winsper, the President of Black Ink.

Here are three takeaways.

ANALYSIS Only 57% of all marketers surveyed base their marketing budgets on ROI analysis. The truth (secret?) is that most marketers use data to report on past performance, not to support projections or forecasting.

USE ROMI (Return On Marketing Investment) instead of ROI. It is a more accurate way to calculate the incremental business improvement from marketing than ROI.DO THE MATH Calculating ROI or ROMI is not a technology issue, it’s a business and financial process issue. Jeff Winsper identifies four areas that need to be addressed within the client organization to accomplish this.

More than just technology, true marketing ROI requires people, processes, and methodologies to succeed.

Rethinking Marketing ROI

Marketing 501

Would you describe events as the cocaine in your marketing mix?Karen Walker, Cisco’s Senior Vice President of Global Marketing does. You can read about it – and a lot more in Highlights From ITSMA’s 20th Annual Conference. (IT Services Marketing Association).There are 10 ideas in all, here are 4 that I found fresh and noteworthy.

The path to power.
 Here is what Walker advised when asked how to prove marketings value: “Find an area where sales has no presence. Create a campaign. Anything that happens subsequently is due to marketing’s influence.”It’s all about the revenue: Walker said that Cisco marketing has moved from measuring customer experience to measuring contribution to revenues.

  • IMO this is headline news.

Salespeople are the new thought leaders. Buyer behavior is “driven by relentless need for knowledge,” said ITSMA’s Senior Vice President Julie Schwartz, “and buyers can’t learn everything digitally—they need to interact with people, especially subject matter experts.”

  • This seems to me to be an essential to support a content marketing initiative. And a great training opportunity.

The new marketer is a Poogle. Imagine the marketing savvy of P&G combined with the digital proficiency of Google—Mad Men meet Math Men. But does such a person exist? The consensus seems to be no.

  • That means new opportunities for those with new skills.

I found a good write-up in Forbes by Gil Press about the ITSMA Conference which puts a bow on the presentations:

When building the business case is no longer important and everybody’s perceived value is the same, how do you differentiate your business and how can marketers help? Here’s a radical idea: Marketing is thought leadership or the selling of what makes a company different from its competitors.

Forbes article

ITSMA Highlights

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