Coke Got Milk? The Plan to Launch A Premium Milk Brand

Fairlife, the new premium milk from Coca-Cola will go on sale in the US next month. According to Coca-Cola, a major investor in the product, it will be more “nutritious” with 50 per cent more natural protein and calcium and less sugar than ordinary milk.

Heralded by breathless promotional materials that claim the new drink will take “milk where it’s never been before”, the drink is seen as the “premiumisation of milk” by the company.

Read the story:

If you want to watch a classic positioning exercise and product launch, this one promises to pull out all the stops – at least in a couple of test markets.

It sorta kinda looks and feels like a Goodby meets Vargas kind of a thing with a Chipotle “Scarecrow nod to sustainable, sane farming thrown in to help justify the reported 2x pricing..

“…Milk will come from 92 family-owned farms, and Fairlife boasts that it will be “pursuing the highest standards of milk quality, agricultural sustainability and animal comfort.”

How the augmented enhanced product will fare in an anti-GMO world is anybody’s guess. We’ll know when you can order a latte with Fairfield in your favorite jolt!