8 Ways Technology is Changing Events

The ways attendees’ expectations have changed is due largely to technology in the event space. Old models are falling away and technology is giving both planners and event participants an opportunity to grow and revisit the underlying ideas about how event spaces work.

Read the story: mashable.com

A really excellent summary by James O’Brien in Mashable.  of 8 of the ways that technology is changing the event experience. Especially valuable for #eventprofs

  1. Audiences are now engaged.
  2.  Social media enables shared planning .
  3. Audience now interacts with presenters.
  4. Data is personalized.
  5. Increasing use of augmented reality on the show floor.
  6. Wearable technology changes how data is shared.
  7. Mobile is mainstream
  8. Drones are on the horizon

Obviously not every event is doing all of these things (yet,) nor all events evolving at the same rate of speed. But as events become more social  and audiences experience an increasing level of engagement adoption will increase.

Whichever of these can be demonstrated to increase ROI or otherwise improve survey results will enjoy rapid adoption.