Customer Experience Happens To You Not Because of You

See, customers in all of their connected glory are evolving with or without us. At the same time there’s a mind-boggling lack of urgency and a resulting scarcity to support, resources, and budget to understand and engage this rising connected customer.

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Brian Solis from the Altimeter Group writes frequently about customer experience – last year in his book What’s the Future of Business: Changing the Way Businesses Create Experiences.

So it makes sense that he was asked to write the forward to Connect: How to Use Data and Experience Marketing to Create Lifetime Customers.

Solis makes a passionate argument, supported by several studies, that even though there is no doubt that the customer has changed, only 37% of corporate executives have begun moving forward with a customer experience (CX) initiative. And says Solis, while that is good but it cannot possibly be enough.

Because “with new found connectedness and power, customer expectations begin to shatter current sales, marketing and support models.”

it’s hard to know if CX will turn out to be the flavor of the year. But Pat McClellan’s recent post 3 Essentials Every Event Marketer Should Be Measuring does a good job of tying CX to event marketing. If the time comes, it will put you ahead of the game.


…Guess who owns some of the most immersive and powerful touchpoints in the whole Customer Experience landscape? Event Marketers.

Sing my song…