The Point Of Creativity In Business

An agency that only cares about creativity, isn’t an agency.

That may be hurtful to read, but it’s true. If you’re running a marketing or advertising or public relations agency, and all you care about is creativity without any connection to business results, outcomes and – even – optimization, I’d rebrand that agency as an art studio.

To exclude creativity as simply some kind of artistic endeavour that doesn’t need to be attached to an endgame that is driving economic value to the brand is, simply put, bad business.


Probably the most profound and “on-the-nose” piece I  published in 2014.

Mitch is more erudite, but the math is simple – clients buy agency services to achieve results they are not capable of achieving themselves.

  • If the agency can clearly demonstrate that it’s efforts contribute to their business success, it is probably valid and relevant.
  • If the agency basically provide a coordination service – no matter how they spin the value of their strategy, creative and service – then the business has already been or is going to be commoditized.