Experiential Marketing Connects Bud Light with Millennial Fans

If we want to win in beer, we need to win with Millennials, and to win with Millennials, we need to win in digital. We know that digital sells beer.

The social media lounge leverages Microsoft Kinect gesture technology at the Gaming Wall where fans can take a shot at kicking field goals. Tweets using #Redskins, #httr, #BudLight and #upforwhatever are posted in real time on the wall. At the MorphingStations or by utilizing one of the tablets, they can create virtual bobbleheads adorned with the team’s red and yellow colors and become Super Fans by choosing from a variety of virtual eye black and helmets in Redskins colors, then post their image to social media.

The brand is banking on social media to extend the experience beyond FedEx Field. “It’s not only about the people that interact there in the stadium. It is also having them reach their friends and amplify the content, which is equally or more important.”

Read the story: www.eventmarketer.com

Experiential marketing at its best dude.

Now all they need is a better team!