Social Media for Events. A Free Ebook for #eventprofs

We are ecstatic to announce Social Media for Events, our third free book. It will blow you away. It’s been in the back of my mind to write a guide about using social media at events for a while. I’ve been writing, researching and working with this subject since 2007. It is very dear to me.


Props to Julius for getting this done and then giving it away for free. What’s to say, I just downloaded mine and am looking forward to reading it cover-to-cover!

Here’s why it’s worth your time. When Julius and his team did the research for the book they found that:

  • 51% of event professionals say the biggest challenge in using social media is how to use it effectively.
  • 45% find the time to do social media properly.
  • 32% use social media for all their event portfolio.

Just askin’… that you?