Public Purpose: Why Brands Should Embrace Experiential Marketing – Sparksheet

More brands are putting purpose before product and are turning to experiential marketing to spread the message, writes marketing consultant Tania Hew.


This article is an important step in defining how experiential marketing fits into a marketing program. It’s something I have never seen articulated quite this way before. And it is really good news for event and experiential agencies

Call it a genuine approach. These case studies seem to show that some marketers understand that their brand and products isn’t enough to connect with their target audience.

Today’s smartest brands aren’t marketing themselves; they’re championing a purpose. It’s why Red Bull organizes events instead of only sponsoring them, and it’s why Converse creates recording studios instead of only television ads. Brands that take this principle to heart also tend to have successful experiential campaigns.

They recognize the need to do more and they are figuring out how to combine the reach of digital with the high-touch of experiential marketing.