Online Marketing Gets All the Buzz But Check Out the ROI for Live Events

There is little doubt that event marketing works, and top brands know it. According to this year’s EventTrack annual event marketing research survey, event and experiential marketing budgets are expected to increase by over 5 percent in 2014. With marketing budgets seeming to either skew digital or diminish overall, this steady increase speaks volumes about the value of live events.


Nice to see mainstream recognition of the value of events.

  1. Attending live events drives purchase
  2. Experiencing a brand (can) create an emotional connection
  3. Undivided consumer attention, real time leads
  4. Perception changes after event participation
  5. Events provide valuable consumer engagement data
Some of it are thing that #eventprofs have been saying for a long time. #’s1-4 are things that we have repeatedly documented for our clients.
For a long time we have said that there is no better place to do primary customer research then an event. #5 recognizes that and adds to the event value proposition..