Experiential Marketing Wins Greatest Consumer Loyalty

Getting people to love your brand is increasingly less about product benefits and more about creating unique, meaningful experiences at every possible touchpoint. In other words, those that bring mobile, online, and in-store experiences together will be miles ahead in building community and loyalty.

Tesla’s Hong Kong Design Studio was built for hands-on adventure-—not just the take-it-home kind. While you won’t be able to drive off with your very own, you can do just about everything else to get the full-throttle experience—from 3-D car customization on touchscreens to sampling real materials to taking the sleek wheels for a spin.

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Interesting report from Landor & Associates, one of the top global design firms. The emphasis on touchpoints is key and in line with all the customer experience management and customer journey mapping.

A number of other interesting predictions. Take a look at B2B trumps B2C in social media which in this context is complementary.

The B2B world is fast realizing the usefulness of social media. After all, business is and always has been about building relationships.