The Jolt! from ckwrites 09.03.14

Hi All –

Hope you had a lazy weekend. I hate to see the Summer go!

Just a quick note about the new email format. No one is complaining which is almost as good as saying you like it.

I am trying to figure out how many times a week to post and would love to hear your comments. My theory is that you’ll look when you’re interested or have time – and skip it when you don’t. I am actually thinking that this might be an instance where more is more.

I am currently looking for a designer to clean up the look a bit.

ck Curates will continue with all the articles ever posted.

And I will continue to post original articles to The Jolt!

One last note. Your subscription is for both this email format and the new one. So if you want to un-subscribe, one will do it.

Thanks for your continuing support.