It’s Massive: Three-Acre Traveling Marvel Experience Unleashed

It’s only mid-January, but there is a chance that the largest brand experience of the year may have just been unleashed—a traveling six-story Marvel Experience spanning three acres under seven inflatable domes.

Pictures just don’t do it justice. The footprint (which packs into 60 semis between cities) can be seen from miles away and could be confused for a high-tech military compound. And that’s exactly the point. Produced by Hero Ventures, the Marvel Experience tour is rolling out via a national schedule that includes stops (17-24 days each) in Dallas, San Diego, San Francisco and others. It’s a fully ticketed brand experience: Ticket prices for the two-hour experience start at $27.50 and consumers buy tickets for specific entry times (a move that keeps throughput manageable).


I suspect that this is what Gilmor and Pine had in mind when they penned the Experience Economy in 1998. Took awhile but wow. Look out NASCAR, move over NFL Experience.