Inside the Mind of Microsoft’s Scott Schenker – Collaborate Meetings

Microsoft’s general manager of worldwide events discusses the tech giant’s dazzling events and shares his “Four Ps” of event marketing. 

Scott is Microsoft’s general manager of worldwide events. He oversees a team that administers thousands of meetings, both internally and for external clients, while bringing his unusual view of the industry to the position he took three years ago.


Scott is bright and demanding. Like Sisyphus he pushes the envelope relentlessly, unlike Sisyphus he has gotten up any number of hills.

Regular readers know that I frequently feature his posts from his blog Janus Dialogs. Read this post for the 4 Ps, read the blog if you want to know where the industry is going next.

  1. Pride
  2. Place
  3. Promotion
  4. Purpose
Events have been and will continue to be a staple how cultures and businesses communicate.