4 Ways to Respond When a Buyer Says, ‘We Already Work With Your Competitor’

It’s a good sign when a prospect says they’re already working with a competitor because it means they have the need, they see the value, and they outsource this type of work. All that’s left is to convince them that you are the one for the job.
What can you do to start building the relationship and plant the seed to make a switch? Here are a few ways to respond: 

Source: www.rainsalestraining.com

This is golden advice. At the very least you will learn what your competitor is doing right so you can figure out how to do it better. Remember the customer is always right, even if that torches a few of your agencies sacred cows.


And have you heard of fee fatigue? In our business it happens every 3-5 years when people get tired of the same-o, same-o. Be there with a refresh and you could win bigly.