300 Hours of Video are Uploaded to YouTube Every Minute

YouTube has confirmed that 300 hours worth of video content is being uploaded to the site every minute. That’s 12.5 days worth of uploads every 60 seconds!

Read the story: www.reelseo.com

What’s to say but amazing – 18 months ago it was 100 hours. That is pure, exponential Gordon Moore stuff. Wow.

No word here about where it’s all coming from or who’s making it. I would assume that a huge percentage is user/consumer generated. And that made for You Tube channels are gaining critical audience share. And looking around I have no doubt that more and more companies are producing content.

When advising clients and pitching business the message here is opportunity not viral home run. I very much like the author, Carla Marshall’s advice:

You don’t have to aim to go viral every time you upload a branded video, you just need to create the kind of content that YOUR followers can engage with. Use the platform to build that crucial relationship with a target audience who will watch your videos, engage with them, and share them with their social networks.

There are some case studies and amazing factoids to round out the article in ReelSEO.