10 Steps for Growing Your Key Accounts (Infographic) – RAIN Group

Based on our extensive research in strategic account management, we’ve identified 10 steps you can take to replicate their successes:

  1. Get leadership buy-in
  2. Implement a strategic account management process
  3. Know your company’s full suite of products and services
  4. Develop a strategy and action plan to grow key accounts
  5. Select the right accounts
  6. Use an account management tool
  7. Build a solid account team
  8. Communicate value
  9. Maintain and build the relationship
  10. Get account management training

Source: www.rainsalestraining.com

Nothing like a solid 10 list. Some of these seem like things you would probably do before a client became a key account (i.e. a reliable source of income for budgeting.)

But that’s what the infographic is there to illuminate and there is also a nice report you can download called 5 Keys to Maximizing Sales With Existing Accounts.