Watch: An Hour of Saul Bass Title Sequences

Watch a video compilation of opening title sequences by Saul Bass, including Anatomy of a Murder, Vertigo, and Spartacus. From 1955 – 1995. From Preminger to Scorsese.

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And now something for the creative spirit. Saul Bass was one of our most gifted graphic designers. His work spans four decades and he has opened for everyone from Preminger to Scorsese. And as reader JD pointed out, you also get to hear some great scores.

What a lot of people in the event industry may not know, is that few people have had the influence on corporate branding that Saul Bass did. For instance when he did the Bell System logo redesign way back in 1969, he had a van painted to drive out on stage at the shareholders meeting to introduce it… Yep, 1969.

I had one meeting with him when I got out of grad school in 1974. What he said informed my career.

Here is a link to a film of Bass presenting the design to AT&T executives. His remarks are still relevant today: