5 Lessons Sir Elton John Can Teach Your Speakers

As I sat in my seat watching Elton John “manage” the evening, I thought about how engaging and purposeful his performance was. I compared his actions to those of leaders with whom I work as they attempt to command their audiences, whether it be staff, residents of their communities, or larger public settings.  

As I watched Elton, I noticed several distinct behaviors that should be seen in any great leader. Perhaps a reminder of five simple principles Elton demonstrated flawlessly will help us better understand Boomers and their motivations:

Source: www.mediapost.com

I like these lessons for coaching execs. Yeah they’re usually not rockstars but this might help you to explain to them how they can be. 

1. He respected our time.

2. He engaged the audience.

3. He was energetic.

4. He was predictable, yet found new channels for expressing creativity. 

5. He was humble and gracious.