SPOS #440 – Win More Pitches With Peter Levitan (Podcast)

If you’re in the agency business, you know the new business development and pitching grind like no other. As we all know, pitching for new business is the lifeblood of any marketing agency. Winning the pitches… no matter how great of a closing record you may have, is such a strange thing. There is no real science as to why one great agency wins over another one, and it’s not hard to find a litany of articles about how badly damaged the process is… and can be. From closed envelope pricing submissions to strange efforts by procurement to purchase agency services much in the same way that the company buys rubber bands. Still, the process must be understood, executed upon and mastered.

Peter Levitan thinks he knows how to make it happen. After reading his book, The Levitan Pitch – Buy This Book. Win More Pitches, I believe him. He’s an industry veteran who has pitched and won all kinds of major accounts for major agencies, and he’s currently writing and training the next generation of agencies. If you’re trying to figure out how to win more business (and who isn’t?), this show is just for you. Enjoy the conversation…

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Nothing happens until something is sold. That’s why you can’t ever learn too much about pitching. Seems as though this book is a fine complement to Peter Coughter’s Art of the Pitch I featured in The Jolt!

I am putting this one on my New Year’s Resolution reading list. Check out the podcast and see if it works for you.