There are 101 things ckwrites can contribute to your project…

Here are 2 that are baked into every single one.


Getting off to a fast start with everyone on the same page is essential. ck will get you to buy-in and approval faster. Leaving more time for budgets to get tightened, schedules to get finalized and everything else that has to happen.



Do you love creating and delivering insanely great things? Cool. Because I love busting my butt for clients like you!

If you are a Corporate Marketer, I can help you to ensure that your program achieves your goals.

I am a very quick study.
My skill as a researcher and my marketing experience mean that I can write knowledgeably about many topics. I sweat the details so that you can tend to more pressing matters. I always try to be a couple of steps ahead.

If you are an Event Agency, I can help you to satisfy your clients and achieve your business goals.

A solution that cannot be delivered on-time and on-budget is not a solution… no matter how much everyone in the room loves it.

You may depend on me when:

You need a strategy.

You need an integrated tactical approach to the strategy.

You need a concept to glue the tactics together.

You need creative that supports the concept.

You may depend on me when:

You need a strategy for an RFP.

You need a concept based on the strategy.

You need creative and integrated tactics for the concept.

You need a winning pitch.

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