Boeing Commercial Airplane Group

777 Roll Out
Agency: dick clark corporate productions

This video was assembled from a combination of the deliverable materials, documentary film footage shot during the event by the Boeing film team and interviews shot in Hi8 by Brad Hood and myself.


  • A one day event for 100,000 in the final assembly hangar at Everett Field, Washington.

  • Boeing employees, customers, press, suppliers, partners

  • There were two distinct goals. First of course to introduce a new airplane in a way that would garner worldwide attention. Secondly to confirm the collaborative mantra, “Working Together” to the extended and traditionally siloed Boeing community.

  • I was the creative director for the pitch team, the account team and coordinated the creative effort with our team and multiple departments within Boeing and the local community.

  • This a complex experience design. At any point we had 7,000 people cueing, 7,000 people experiencing and 7,000 people exiting.

    The 10 minute experience program was designed in three parts.

    The Overture was presented using a three screen “pani” format on a 280 foot screen.

    The Motion Picture movement rolled on two projectors on the left and right side of the screen. The film was shot on the assembly line under my direction by the Boeing Movie team. I also conducted the interviews which I intercut with statements about the plane.

    The Theatrical Reveal began with entire screen flying out in a scrim reveal. After a choreographed lighting reveal of the airplane, uniformed ground crew appeared to “wave” the guests to the airplane.

  • Grand Prize New York Film and Television Festival



Narrator (VO): Why does one idea succeed while another fails?

VO: How do you define the future?

VO: What is greatness?

VO: Hard questions, with no easy answers.

VO: A few years ago, we at Boeing asked ourselves how could we build an airplane that would set new standards in comfort, performance and efficiency.

VO: After much soul searching we found our answer in a phrase that is as common sense simple as it is organizationally complex.

VO: Working Together.

VO: Because we realized that only by working together as a team with our customers, suppliers and each other could we build a truly great airplane.

VO: Working Together.

VO: To us it means pushing the limits, setting the standard, leading the way.

VO: Working Together.

VO: Because creating the future was not something any of us could do alone. But we could do it together.

VO: Most important of all, we did.



VO: The cabin redefines the term widebody.

VO: Every Boeing division has contributed to the program.

VO: Once they got the hang of it, they couldn’t stop talking about it.


V1 Everyone knows what the plan is.

V2 It means collective thinking. Sharing knowledge, ideas, concepts.

V3 It means that you can work worldwide as a team.

V4 Working together means everybody working together to produce the best possible airplane.

VO: Our craftsmen are acclaimed around the world.

VO: Our customers can choose from the three most powerful engines ever built.

V5 Working Together means being able to really understand what our customers want, what they need.

V6 There’s just no better substitute to taking things out to get the right stuff on the airplane.

V7 I think the more information you share, the better the decision will be.

V8 It’s so much more powerful then just one person.

VO: The landing gear is the largest in commercial service.

VO: Working Together has helped us build a better airplane.

V9 Everybody takes ownership and contributes to attain the common goals.

V10 The thing that I have enjoyed the most about the 777 project is the genuine commitment to build the best airplane possible.



VO: This weekend, 100,000 people are taking part in our Working Together celebration.

VO: We’d like to thank each of you for coming.

VO: And to the men and women who’ve worked so hard to bring the Boeing 777 to life, a special thank you.

VO: The Boeing 777. Over three million parts flying in tight formation. And they all work together just right.

VO: Come on up and take a closer look at our new airplane. And see how well Working Together works.