The Jolt! 11.20.2013

Hope it’s all going your way. Last week The Jolt! was a lot long, this one is short and sweet and includes a hysterical video from Adobe.


Should you use jargon in your presentations?

Really? Don’t. It’s a bad.

Here’s a few “why’s” that you can take to the bank.

  • People don’t do business with businesses… they do business with people.
  • Simplicity = truth = trust.
  • Use jargon and 74% of people will think you don’t even understand the words that are coming out of your own mouth.

Harsh? Not really especially when you remember that:

A copywriter’s job (and yours) isn’t to make them think, it’s to make them buy.


Do you display Twitter streams at your events?

Or would you if you could manage them differently?

If so you should take a look at Twitter Custom Timelines: A New Tool For #EventProfs which explores the potential of the recently (11/13) announced Twitter Custom Timelines.

You can now display tweets in a Timeline, using a Twitter (as opposed to third-party) tool which enables you to:

  • Display tweets live.
  • Display tweets on your website.
  • Moderate both.

Lots more technical details here including how to embed the widget.

Twitter is finally stepping up the game and giving us a neat tool to display what we want to display on our event website.

The Big AHA!

Are you responsible for getting people to engage with your event?

A London artist has literally placed photo frames in front of some of London’s most photogenic vistas encouraging people to tag their photos with his hashtag.

It’s a 21st century update on the scenic vista point signs Kodak so thoughtfully provided at Yosemite National Park. The goal there was to sell film, the goal here is to create buzz:

…a cluster of people in a city suddenly stopping to snap a photo tends to turn heads and generate attention – much like the ripple effect marketers try to achieve when generating social media content, or launching a new campaign.

Check out the actual photos on Tumblr – easy to brand, easy to do and very flexible. Oh – and fun!

Metrics & ROI

Are you still waiting to be convinced about the value of social media data?

Look no further. Click Baby from Adobe Marketing Cloud will leave you rolling on the floor. Props to the creative team that made a compelling jargon-free case.

Marketing 501

Do you need to know what’s next in digital?

If you do, or you just want to know what’s going to happen next take a moment to download and peruse The Future Of Digital: 2013; Business Insider CEO Henry Blodgett’s keynote at the Business Insider Ignition conference.

The prezo is full of nuggets and amazing factoids about how far we’ve come.

Mitch Joel writing in Six Pixels, puts a bigger spin on the underlying issues. Paraphrasing a bit, most brands are missing the opportunity to:

  1. Develop a direct relationship with their consumers.
  2. Utilize information, data and analytics to make their marketing more effective.
  3. Embrace the new model that utility is the future of advertising.
  4. Understand the context within which the consumer (or attendee) is experiencing the content
  5. Create engagement in the one screen world – where the only screen that matters is the screen that is in front of the customer or prospect.

It seems very clear that event teams need to focus on developing mobile apps for every phase of their events.

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