The Jolt! 01.08.2014

Happy New Year to all. I hope that 2014 has started with a bang for all of you.

It’s been a whirlwind for me straight through the Holidays, so today’s Jolt! will be short.

First, I have continued to add content to ck Curates so there are some interesting articles there to look at.

As for what’s keeping me so busy…

A large company decided that they would see how many human Holi-days they could ruin by asking for proposals to be uploaded on January 3rd, 2014.

Remarkably 12 companies signed up for what is IMO a remarkably unqualified opportunity.

The ground rules stated that only three would make it to the stand-up (oh the drama, the angst, the hurry up and pay full fare at the 11th hour)… But in the end they relented after 4 contenders dropped out, leaving them to endure 8 stand-ups. One of my clients went, another who I am really proud of dropped out…

Seriously – do I need to explain to you what’s wrong with this picture? If I do – PLEASE – make a resolution now to read “Pitches” on ck curates every week. You’ll save a fortune. Oh well, Merry Christmas to ckwrites… Shelbie the dog is pleased with her new yummies.

And now on to the fun which is that I am the Campaign Manager for The Committee to Elect Fred Peralta. My guy Fred is running for Mayor here in the Town of Taos. The first small town story is that I don’t even live in the town so I can’t vote for him; I live in the County of…

Anyway, Fred filed today (Tuesday) at the Taos Town Hall. It’s a three-way race between Fred, the incumbent who is a local musician and a guy who has termed out over at the County.

So here’s the punch line…

When I first met with Fred, I asked him how many votes it was going to take to win. Fred being the ultimate straight-shooter looked me  in the eye and said 600. That’s right folks, 600. The total registered voters here in the Town of Taos is ~4,500 and about 1,100 will turn out to vote unless we give away both coffee and donuts at the Poll (that is correct, Poll as in a singular location.)

Having a blast sitting around Fred’s kitchen table, it’s like a private grad seminar in Civics. This man’s experience is incredible – 35 years working the system to make things better. We’ve got real issues – pretty much a microcosm of the USA.

Have built a website,, and am putting together a Facebook page, which is big up here and will be an important way to build some buzz. Not much time for SEO – the election will be over and done March 4th.

Wish us luck! Oh and the other guys too – supposed to hear on the 16th.

Here on The Jolt! you are always in the know…