How to stop writing ugly Creative Briefs | Beloved Brands

Here are the smart and ugly examples, showcasing some of the most common mistakes in writing the Creative Brief.

We go through line by line of the creative brief to show the ugliest versions we have actually seen. We are begging you not to repeat these problems.

Smart briefs have one very clear objective. Ugly briefs try to do too many things in one brief.

Too many briefs try to do both penetration and usage frequency in one brief. You will just confuse and muddy the creative development process. This means two targets, two objectives, two messages and likely two different media options. It really should be two separate briefs and two separate projects.


When you have two objectives your agency will come back with one ad that does penetration and one for frequency. This means the creative then picks the strategy and that’s a weak position for a Brand Leader to take.


Written for the client “brand leader” there are some great organizational concepts here that can also benefit agency side thinking. 


Or you could give your client a framed copy for the Holidays…