How to Get Client Approval for Scope Changes

Not long after a project starts, the requests start coming in for “little tweaks.” Things will “only take a minute.” On occasion, you also get the “let’s rethink this strategy” musings from client-side personnel coming in late to the project. Clients think these twists and turns are all part of the original project scope — and of course, the budget.

The problem is too often we let them get away with it, and it’s our bottom line that suffers. A study on agency workflows conducted by Deltek found that 38% of agencies reported they always go over budget due to scope creep. In addition, 63% of the agency respondents identified managing scope creep as the #1 issue eating away at agency profits.

Instead of letting scope creep come out of your agency’s pocket, use these strategies to get client approval for more time and more budget when they extend the boundaries of the project you’ve already agreed


Some good ideas here – starting with recognizing what is happening when it starts happening. Elliptical – maybe. Easy to do? Not.