Hello World Again… A New Blog

Welcome back to the ckwrites blog

I know, who knew. And since that worked so well then, why try again now – or at all?

ck of ckwrites blog

looking forward to hearing from you!

Because I am fascinated by the changes taking place in face-to-face marketing. Event marketing, experiential marketing, integrated marketing… all are being transformed.

• By new audiences with changing expectations.

• By new program goals, strategies and expectations. 

• By new technologies, enabling new possibilities.

Dramatic? Yes.

Attention getting? I hope so.

Real? Most definitely.

This is one flock of genies that will never see the inside of a bottle again.

But it’s not a bad thing. In fact, I think it’s a good thing.

Back when I was a pup (1974) I got a Masters Degree in Instructional Design from the University of Southern California. Instructional design is a program designed for teachers and librarians. I was neither, but I was fascinated by media production and it turned out to be a pretty good choice.

Instructional Design poses the question “what is the best way to teach or influence someone?”  (If you immediately said “it depends“, you’ve obviously done half the course work.)

  • At its core were the concepts of audiences and objectives.
  • The third leg of the stool was what kind of information each type of media was best suited to present. (HINT: Think about watching a movie and an interactive learning program on the same topic. Which would you present first?)
  • And then, being both sincere and academic, “how do we know if it worked?”
40 years later and the assignment hasn’t changed.
  • How do we define and design a campaign?
  • How we choose from all of the tactics and technologies that are now available?
  • How do we continuously make it more effective?

That is what this blog is going to be all about. A nice mix of the thoughtful, the pragmatic and the awesome all seasoned with a pinch of snark to keep things moving along.

There is of course a small catch. I need you!

  • Please subscribe to the blog. I need your permission to share.
  • Please comment on posts. Let me know where I missed and what you want more of.
  • Please tell others. Engaging our fellow travelers is good. It makes this community better. Whether you forward, link, quote, tweet or d) all of the above, it’s all good and it all helps.

See you next week.

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