ck Curates – the e-zine for crazy busy event people

ck Curates logoInformation the way you want it… fast, graphic, scannable, linked, updatable, interactive. Yumm!

When my web developer, Bert Mahoney (, first showed me the Rebel Mouse web-based e-zine tool I fell hard for it. When we redesigned the site I knew that I had to use Rebel Mouse to curate an e-zine for you. (Turns out that the Rebel Mice are swell folks who will keep making good better. Nice!)

As the tagline suggests, ck Curates has one purpose which is to give you a jolt.

  • An insight or aha or a wake-up call.

So, what is curation?

I spend a ton of time reading. Now instead of clipping, forwarding and losing everything; I edit an e-zine.

  • The process of sifting, selecting and publishing is called curation.Think of it as Pinterest with articles from any and everywhere.

ck Curates is organized by 6 navigation tabs.

Google ChromeScreenSnapz051

Homehas everything. It’s the big lollapalooza.

The 5 tabs get you where you want to go faster.

  • Pitches – is all about the business of business development. 
  • Content – deals with how to best meet the needs of content creation. In the past few years, this has emerged as a huge on-going initiative for many clients. Curation is one tactic to meet this demand.
  • The Big Aha – is intended to inspire with stories about great creatives and the creative process. It’s the tab for a spark.
  • Metrics & ROI – brings the latest thinking on event measurement and marketing ROI. This looks beyond the event business, but there is a surprising amount of content focused on our little corner of the world.
  • Marketing 501 – big ideas, new concepts, trends and that great piece of background information you need for tomorrow’s prezo.

About the newsletter aka The Jolt!

I thought this was a pretty good plan and of course it made perfect sense to me… until the RedHeaded Woman in my life, Erika Napoletano ( said “Cool…but you can’t expect everyone to wade through all that (fascinating, she could have said fascinating) stuff. Why don’t you pick a few things and summarize them in a weekly email for crazy busy people?”

And so out of collaboration and two views of what you might want, has come something that gives you lots to choose from, plus a handful of choices I make for you in The Jolt.

So what do you have to do?

Nothing! It’s easy.

You get the weekly summary email, The Jolt, for ck Curates when you sign up for the ckwrites Blog here. Think of it as the tip of the iceberg.

One click does it all.

  • Every Wednesday you get an email with 5 new jolts. Quick and consumable.
  • Skim it, then decide if you want to read the entire article, comment, whatever.
  • Every Saturday you get an email with the new blog post. A bit more to chew on.

Whether you subscribe or not, ck Curates is always there 24/7/365 for you to browse whenever you’re stuck in a terminal, waiting for a meeting to start (or end) or otherwise want to make good use of your time in a strange hotel room.

Or you just need a jolt of fresh. I bookmarked it!

PS If you really can’t decide whether or not to subscribe – check out ck Curates first – no strings, links or cookies attached.

Naturally you can unsubscribe whenever you want to, but I am going to be working hard to make sure you can’t afford to.

PPS Thanks to Jill Konrath ( for “crazy busy people”. We all are, but she wrote it down first.