Beacons and Apple Pay deliver stepped-up shopping experience – Luxury Daily – Columns

Mobile store applications and mobile pass programs let us put loyalty programs and coupons where they belong: on our phones. No more plastic cards, key tags and half-stamped buy-10-get-1-free cards cluttering up wallets and handbags. Simply bring up the app to see current offers and your loyalty points.

Better yet, if the store is beacon-enabled, a message on your lock screen will remind you to take advantage of discounts or points when you enter the checkout area.


So what about those ‘stinking’ badges?

It seems to me that this has tremendous potential for any event that sells product on the show floor. Earlier thjs year I worked on a retail software show and getting the payment system in place was a major hassle.

 And the potential of beacons as a navigation tool has potential well beyond sales.

Looks like the future for some.