It takes a long time to make someone like me…

I started out as a photographer, earned a Masters in Instructional Design, and pivoted into experiential and event marketing. What a terrific plan!

  • I am a strategist, a susser and a synthesist.
  • In Hollywood terms, I am a triple hyphenate which means that I have writer-director-producer chops.
  • My friends say I am hopelessly curious and a natural teacher.
  • Shelbie thinks that you need to know that I am a devoted Dog Dad.
ck of ckwrites blog

I’m looking forward
to getting to know you!

What’s in it for you?

Experience. Lots and lots of experience.
There are over 170 clients on the list, 150 awards and hundreds of projects.

Doing a thing for a long time makes you good at it.
Check out the projects in the Portfolio.

Staying up with emerging technology, strategies and tactics keeps it interesting.
Visit ck’s Blog. It’s an easy way for you to keep up with the latest trends.

When you work with me, you get it all.

Your projects will be better for it, and your budgets will be better for it too. 

And you? Yeah… definitely.

If you’re ready to experience what experience like mine can bring to your pitch, your project or your team, please don’t wait till the 11th hour.

 Let’s set up some time to talk.

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