5 Things You’ll Learn In Ideo’s New Online Innovation Class

Think you’re not creative? The innovation gurus at Ideo beg to differ. The design firm argues that anyone can unleash an inner creative genius through certain methods—the same methods that Ideo uses on its own projects. A new series of online classes called Ideo U shares those techniques with the world.

We started with a course on insights because this is the very foundation of Ideo’s approach to creativity and innovation,” says Suzanne Gibbs Howard, the firm partner leading the initiative. “At Ideo, every time we design, we gather insights about what people say, do, think and feel to motivate us in fruitful directions. On top of that, after decades of sharing our approach and mindset with clients, we’ve seen that gathering insights about people is one of the best ways to start building creative confidence.”

Source: www.fastcoexist.com

Boy would this be fun or what? Yes I do deserve it and you do too!

  1. Observing without judging
  2. Learning from extremes
  3. How to conduct a great interview
  4. Becoming more empathetic
  5. How to share insights

See you in class!