5 Legal Mistakes Your Agency is Making in the Pursuit of New Business (And How to Fix Them)

New business is simultaneously exciting and stressful for agencies.

While your team is focused on the thrill of a profitable win, they’re also stressed about meeting deadlines, impressing the prospect, and maintaining current client relationships. It can all be a lot to handle — and there’s no room for legal mistakes.

You didn’t go into marketing to deal with legal issues. But while you’re navigating agency new business at warp speed, it’s easy to make an oversight or misstep that could cause negative legal consequences or financial loss for the agency.

Source: blog.hubspot.com

Solid and straightforward advice. The hungrier you are or the more “important” the deal is, the more reason there is to pay attention.


Of course this is likely to be unpopular with the winning account team who will not want to upset the shiny new apple cart. All the more reason that it needs to be part of your management review of new business policies – you have one right? Thought so…