3 Keys To Telling a Compelling Story Using Comics

Renewed interest comic books can mean good things for your B2B content marketing: You can stand out when you tell compelling stories using this visual medium. Discover the three things every comic must have to engage readers.

Source: contentmarketinginstitute.com

Comics can be wonderful devices for experiential marketing or an event. They can be used to model behavior, and can add a huge splash of color and attitude.

Many years ago we did a major sales kick-off event for a recently reorganized field force of 2,000. We made them into super-heroes. It gave us a vehicle for all of the pre-event collateral, and we incorporated oversized figures into the decor and the swag.

The 3 elements are:

  1. Truth
  2. Suspense
  3. Connection

A good comic-book story, like any story, needs these three things. Truth (authenticity) makes your story believable, suspense (conflict) makes it interesting, while adding a human connection (audience) enables readers to see themselves and make an emotional connection.