20 Examples of Exciting Event Agency Websites

In order to keep up with the fast-paced event industry, event agencies need to increase their online presence and the way they market themselves online through their website. It is no longer good enough to just write what your company stands for, potential clients and attendees are impatient and want to get a taste of this straight away.
Event agencies need to show that they are up-to-date on trends and technology and prove there are the best in their field or niche. Whether they cater to a specific event set or offer wide-ranging services, a killer website is essential to show off and prove what they are made of.

Source: www.eventmanagerblog.com

It’s a New Year – is it time for a WWW update?


When is the last time you updated your project list? How about that picture? And the download? Is there an easy to find contact form? A thousand things to do, each can make a difference.


SPOILER ALERT You won’t like all these websites and most of them won’t be right for your agency. Figure out what you like and why – it’s the beginning of a great creative brief…